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Review: EA Active for Wii

Normally, I'd write my reviews on Amazon.com, however today I wanted to review EA Active and EA Active More Workouts. 

I have owned EA Active since May 2009 when it first hit the shelves.  I used it for only one workout. lol At the time I thought I was serious about working out, but I think I was just into having the latest workout fad.  I have a bunch of Wii workout games. Was I using them? Well no. 

Fast forward.  February 21, 2010.

I'm going to Jamaica for my 40th birthday.  And there is NO WAY I'm going to step on the white sands of Jamaica looking unfit! lol 

I was a member of LA Fitness, but for some reason, I couldn't get with the gym anymore. I had signed up back in December with the intentions of going on a regular schedule.  This didn't work. UGH! So I cancelled the membership a couple of weeks ago. 

So I decided to purchase a second Wii for my bedroom.  And this has been the BEST decision I've made. I have used the Wii since I purchased it...and one week later I started using EA Active.  

I started the 30 day challenge. I am half way complete.  Of the 20 workouts, I've finished 11.  I'm on target to finish by the end of March.  I liked the game so much I decided to purchase their newest game. EA Active More Workouts.  I was going wait until I finished the 30 day challenge to start the six week challenge but I started that on March 11th.

So far, I've lost 1 inch in my waist and about four pounds! The resistance band that comes with the game is some crap, so I use my own...and my arms feel like BRICKS! My legs sting from the lunges and squats.  My endurance is getting better with the running...I love it! The EA Active More Workouts has the ab work and additional games centered around beach activities.

I have until January 2011 and I believe I can stick with method of exercise.  I would recommend EA Active and EA Active More Workouts to anyone that is looking for a cost efficient method of getting shape.  


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