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Socializing is a time killer.....

Here's something I made up...

"When you're on your grind, you have no time to socialize."

How cute is that? lol :-) 

I'm really on my grind right now.  I am remaining focused on completing a few goals I wrote around the end of last year. 

I realized the more I socialized the more I don't get anything done. [second person] You're too busy talking about what you're gonna do instead of doing it. 

I had mentioned this once before, how I felt being on social networking sites really didn't lend to networking but more social.  Don't get me wrong there is a benefit to them...depending on what you're using it for, you have instant contact to the masses...easier and cheaper....but if I spend a lot of time on it, what do I get done, what do I have to offer, that makes having those instant contacts to the masses worthwhile?

Just something to think about. [second person] Just something to remember when you realize a year or two has moved passed you and you don't know what you've accomplished. 

Happy Friday! Today is going to be a beautiful and wonderful day! :-) 


Be Free....


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