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Living the American Dream Riddle

college educated (1 Bachelor, 3 Master) - Check (even have the student loans to prove it! lol)

good job (Feds) - Check (plan, implement, evaluate)

house (in the suburbs) - Check (thinking of redoing my kitchen)

2 kids (not a boy and girl, but two kids nevertheless) - Check (they get such good grades!)

1 dog (well he's a boy - does that count?) - Check (Crazy as hell, but that's my boy!)

2 cars - Check (saving on gas, burning gas)

timeshare owner - Check (because it's important to vacation - to take a holiday)

active in my community - Check (pledging ZPhiB, next endeavor Eastern Star)

seeking more spiritual knowledge - Check (always open to the thoughts of the universe)

I am blessed.  


What's the answer to this riddle?


Be Free



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