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Days Gone By | On2danxt1

I can't believe I've allowed this many days to go by and not write in my trusted and most liked blog!  What have I been thinking?  Exactly! 


Well lets see here....since February 22, 2010, I've been thinking about a lot of things. 

1.  Toyota.  I own a 07 Camry Hybrid.  I LOVE THAT CAR! But I'm DISLIKING TOYOTA for the cover up a massive problem. So I thought about trading my car in....but my heart couldn't do it...so I purchased a second car instead. Now with the man in CA and his Prius (did I spell that right? lol) going crazy, my mom thinks I should just let my Hybrid go. But I love her!!!!! 

The things you love are the hardest to let go....

2. Which brings me to my next point....I'm still working on the residual feelings I'm having over my departure in my last quasi relationship. I guess I'm going through the stages of grief. First I was sad...now I'm angry. I can't think of the other stages at the moment...but I'll figure that out and post a follow up. lol What am I angry about?  Well now I feel taken advantage of. I'm working through it. I'm better than I was six weeks ago...but nevertheless it still wears on me a bit. 

and so....now I've adopted the motto.... ON 2 DA NEXT 1.....

3.  Last week there was a VERY bad car accident in front of my house....matter fact a week ago today....I wonder how she's doing.  It was a very young girl...driving a Honda Civic and a white van crashed into the side of her (I have pics and video - I will upload later - well I will try) and the MD State Trooper medi vac had to air lift her...it was so interesting to watch, but I just felt so bad for that young woman. I really hope she's okay!

Yes...her accident made me realize that I have STILL have the ability to be on to the next one....I'm pushing towards my the pictures I see in my mind a reality...and to do that....I've had to....

4. QUIT FACEBOOK! Well, not quit it quit it...but just not be on there. Once again like Twitter, I just saw myself wasting so much of time on these social networking sites and I wasn't getting anywhere with my writing career.  It is so easy for me to get side tracked...but my dreams can't afford the opportunity cost of me being on FB. (yeah there are some other reasons...of which I don't feel like explaining right now...but.....) It's all about allocating my time wisely. I'm getting engaged to the dream reality game - the DRG....that's my focus...making it happen at all cost and seeing the things I've written from my mind either flourish in an e-book (cuz y'all know traditional publishing is a loss cause) or up on the silver screen...or even straight to DVD! lol I don't care...I just wanna see my writings live on with the masses knowing about it! HOT DOG!

So yeah....that's where I am these days....making my way....it's my PERCEPTION...I'm still working on that goal.... 


Be free.... 



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