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Goal: Patience Mastered, Perception eh not so hot...

I'm really coming into my own with my patience.  It has now been mastered and I feel a calmness that has come over my soul. I no longer feel like I have to rush everything or that everything must be rushed in order for it to be achieved.  It's a good feeling. I think being snowed in with the children has taught me how to just wait it out; that in due time everything will work itself out. That makes me feel good. 

Here is something I wrote as my Facebook status:

I feel it growing beneath my feet...Roots of Patience...Time is no longer my construct...I am pure untamed energy. Flowing freely. Fluid...as water adapts, so do I.

The Roots of Patience have grounded me. Here is another thought I had about importance and mirror effect of water in our lives:

H2O has the ability to transform into all three states of matter ...solid, liquid, gas - adapting - given the situation. Most of the human body is made up of water...so with that we should be able to adapt to any situation. lol Home life, Work life, Community Life...family relationships, romantic relationships, friendships....see the threes - solid, liquid, gas/home, work, community/family, spouse, friends....three states of matter or three things that matter!!! lol

Now that patience has been resolved and I'm no longer trippin' on the instant...I now have to work on perception. Things aren't always what they seem nor is my constant thinking of them is what the reality is. Wikipedia has some interesting insight to perception.  Read up on it.  

What I am receiving, thinking, and trying to understand may not always be the reality given the limited facts I have gathered through sight.  This is where assumptions are based, founded and grown.

I really have to learn now to let things go and not try to infer or spin what my perception is.  This habitual function will only keep me rooted in pain, hurt, misery and distrust of everyone around me.  Learning to accept it and not worry about it is hard.  Especially when it comes to relationships....when you want someone to love you and care about you and your perception of the situation is skewed because of what you think you see or what you think you know....and what may not be the case is detrimental to my over spiritual path. 

Perception....the new goal to accomplish. 

Transforming my thoughts for my new life.... 


Be Free


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