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Happy Valentine's Day

The beauty in Valentine's Day....

I love you Mommy - You're my rock and I spin because of your push.

I love you Daddy - RIP - I wish you were here.

I love you SeDona - My first born - the one with the sensitive soul and big heart.

I love you Siyah - My youngest - the one that likes to snuggle with me.

I love you Mikie - For being like a second mother to me...you're such a wonderful Aunt.

I love you Grandma - For being you. You're so so sweet.

I love you Grandpa - For being the strongest male figure I have in my life.

I love you Dionne - For being a great friend over the last 16 years and for being a wonderful Godmother to Siyah. 

I love you Santana - For being such a loving dog. That's an unconditional love. 

I love you Dale - For giving me SeDona.

I love you Ron - For still being there when I need you and being a great dad to Siyah.

I love you David - Seven years. Our history extends far and wide. 

I love you Tony -  For your unbroken spirit.  

I love you my friends - There are so many of you. But to you I owe my many laughs on good and sad days and one of the greatest support systems I have. 

I have learned commercialism will have you to believe that Valentine's Day is just for "couples" .... I happen to know better....Love is not about one day....it's about love everyday.  It's about those days when you aren't your hottest and someone comes along and makes you feel like you're at your best.  

Yeah...that's where it's at.....in the words of my cousin thee Rev. Gus Augustus - "LOVE STRONG!"


Be Free....


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