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Crofton Triangle

I wrote Crofton Triangle when I was in school getting my MFA in Creative Writing.  It was my thesis.  The idea for the script came from the place I live, Crofton.  When I first moved to Crofton, I felt like I was in another world. The kids were outside riding their bikes and skateboarding without a parent in sight.  Moms drive mini-vans, Dads work in the city, and all the kids know one another from social interactions in and outside of school.  I felt like I stepped into a Norman Rockwell painting. 

Crofton is definitely a community that’s nestled away from the usual inner city woes and chaos.  It’s secluded by the vast amount of trees  and it sits up on a slight hill.  You almost think the residents that live there have a secret pass code to even be there.

The idea for the screenplay came into mind when I said…what would it be like if one family was terrorized in this tranquil community?  How would they react to their world turning upside down?  What if they had to face the seedy side of life? 

The script went through a lot of revisions.  It has its highs and its lows along with an interesting twist. Actually two twists.  You just don’t know where it’s all going to lead the audience.  I love how this script comes together.  It was my first stab at writing suspense. I really had a good time writing the ending.

Here is the link to download, review, and follow me on Amazon Studios.  http://studios.amazon.com/scripts/2411  I would truly appreciate the honest feedback.  The more downloads and reviews the better for me in making headway in this contest; but also the better for me in understanding and honing my craft.


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