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Easily Discouraged

The last I checked the Amazon Studios contest had at least 1523 projects.  More projects are uploaded and submitted everyday.  So you wonder to yourself, how in the world am I going to get my project noticed? 

Tweet it?  Like anyone in your timeline cares. 

FB it? Like you want to bombard your family and friends with downloading and reading your project when they are all too busy or they have already read it.

There is this thought in my  mind and I’m sure in other people’s minds as well, that if your project doesn’t have a lot of downloads and reviews you’re dead in the water when it comes to winning this contest.  No matter if a person feels they have a high concept spec script or not.  It’s still buried among 1522 other projects.   

I  wonder, so I know you wonder,  how to make your page stand out.  How can you draw attention to your work?  The natural thought is to participate in the community at large, but given how the community is set up; it’s not one of being reciprocal.   So, if I download, read, and review someone’s project what is the likelihood they will do the same for me?   In my opinion the chance is slim.  And I will be the first to admit, I don’t want to spend a lot of time reading and reviewing someone else’s work and I’m not getting any hits on mine.  That’s only a natural feeling.

So I’m hoping that Amazon Studios is taking into consideration that although a project doesn’t have a lot of hits it doesn’t mean it isn’t worthy of consideration.  Reminds of me of what happens to most writers.  They are rejected, until one person reads it, and that one person has a feeling the story has potential.  Then the rest is history. I guess you can say I’m banking on the one person factor…..  

So here it is again: Here's the link to download, review and follow me. http://studios.amazon.com/scripts/2109  I would truly appreciate the honest feedback.  The more downloads and reviews the better for me in making headway in this contest.


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