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Amazon Studios

So...the great Amazon.com has started it's own studio...movie studio that is.  They have teamed up with Warner Bros. and other entities in the movie industry to basically solicit spec scripts under the guise of screen writing contests.  I believe this concept from Amazon will continue for at least two years.  And it's FREE. 

There has been some buzz about how other writers can contribute to another writer's work after once uploaded to assist in improvements and the like.  But I think writer's have an unwritten code that another works will not be touched or revised...so I don't think there is an issue.  Writer's have intentions and without really knowing what the true intention of the original writer of the work, I'm not going to touch that with a 10 foot pole...unless we've had some discussion about the project first. 

So I've uploaded one of my screenplays.  Church Chick.  I made some slight revisions, cleaned up any mistakes I saw and uploaded it.  Currently, it's only been downloaded twice.  I guess that's good.  It's been on the site for about two or three days.  Here's the link to download, review and follow me. http://studios.amazon.com/scripts/2109  I would truly appreciate the honest feedback.  The more downloads and reviews the better for me in making headway in this contest. 

I am also back to writing again! YAY!!! I started a new screenplay project this week. Not ready to discuss the premise, but I've written two pages! lol They may not seem like a lot, but given the fact I haven't thought about writing in two years, I think I'm going swell!!!! 


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