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Church Chick #7 of the Top 10 | Author Tales

Okay, so I'm really happy right now - Church Chick has moved up into the Top 10 Drama Scripts on Amazon Studios!  NUMBER 7!!!!! As of December 28/29, 2010.  I've been getting some pretty good reviews on my second draft.  This has prompted me to do some much needed revisions on Crofton Triangle - AGAIN. 

The life of a writer is not in the writing, but in the rewriting. 

I'm still working on my newest project.  It's a straight drama.  It's a really sad story.  The title of it is Redemption.  The story idea was born out of the redeeming qualities I find in Mike Vick.  For all the trials and tribulations he has endured - abet - at his own doing, it's important that we all seek/have redemption, of some sort.  To many people out there judging and casting stones in glass houses, not realizing their own glass is streaked and dirty.  Our lives aren't and shouldn't be forever defined by snapshots in time, but what we've done over a period of time.  

I'm also reconsidering ONCE again writing a NOVEL! UGH! Why do I torture myself? Why o why? lol :-) Writing a full blown novel is painful to me. But I'm going to attempt it for 2011.  I'm not going to give myself a hard time about this.  I wrote a treatment a few years back.  I could turn it into a novel or a screenplay or both. I do need an idea for 2011 - and 2011 just so happens to be quickly approaching! lol Doing this other project that I've already outlined and written out the basic story for would be the quickest thing to do.  But I do like fresh ideas.  Haven't come up with one just yet. Working on it.  I think I have an idea....just that quick....a flash of of title came to me - HOLLOW. Wow. 

Today I will work on my annual year in review blog. I was thinking of making it into a podcast.  Not sure yet.  Loving my creative juices these days! 


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