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I Stalk Scripts | Suggestions to @Amazon_Studios {AS}

Okay so what...this is my latest kick...and I happen to like the AS website a lot.  I'm always on there.  It's my newest social networking spot.  It's focused around screenplays, writing and movie making...one of my greatest passions. 

I stalk scripts.  So I stalk AS. lol ;-)

However, I have a few suggestions to Amazon Studios.

  1. Need to rotate the screenplays on the website's main page better.  I keep seeing the same scripts getting highlighted. I don't think that's very fair to the over 1700 projects that are uploaded to the site. I believe in some equality. Exposure Equality
  2. Don't have the SAME scripts in the new and notable section as those who are listed in the Top 10 to the right.  That's not Exposure Equality. Writer's probably feel like Amazon is purposely promoting certain projects. In all fairness, this is still a CONTEST. 
  3. Only use the most recent version in the Top 10.  Multiple versions of the same project doesn't really constitute a real top 10. 
  4. Reviewers.  Since AS gives us the ability to rate and review projects just like on Amazon.com, they should do reviewer ranks.  I think this will help in getting solid opinions and reviews.  It just appears to me that some people are attempting to game the system from their friends with fluff review pieces.  Lots of rates, but no true review assessment.  How does that help the writer become more effective in their writing? It doesn't.  If this community is going to have an air of workshopping, then reviews should offer the maximum. 
  5. Let members of the community know that all projects will get full consideration.  I think people think that the more downloads, rates, and reviews a project has; means it has the most consideration for a possible win in the contest.  But I get a feeling that's not how it works. It's a skill based competition. Not everyone is knowledgeable about the correct elements of screenwriting; therefore, there are probably some projects in the pile that are diamonds in the rough, but are being over shadowed by popularity. 

Good solid five.

I stalk scripts....


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