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Random Thoughts

It's Saturday. So what else is new?  Saturday comes around um...every seven days. And some people will not be that lucky to see the NEXT Saturday!

I bowl tonight. Bowling has been good on some nights and really horrible on others. 

Sunday...the day after Saturday...Going to be sitting in Heinz Field with the hubby watching the Pittsburgh Steelers play the Cincinnati Bengals at 1pm. Significant to you? No.  Significant to him? Yes. He's a huge Steelers fan and this is his first EVER home game.  I'm such a loving wife. It's one of his Christmas gifts.  (But on a side note... GO EAGLES BABY!!!!!!! lol) 

Went to my first EVER Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc Executive Board Meeting for the State of Maryland this morning. We were fed good too! lol :-) I'm feeling really accomplished, I was MIP certified. Yes!

Making more contacts on @Amazon_Studios - I have more scripts to read and review. Feeling blessed about it all.  I know in turn good things will come my way.  Still have that empowered feeling...that I can make a difference within myself for helping out my fellow screenwriters...and I'm hoping they are receiving my recommendations/suggestions with light and love for our craft.  

There has been a lot of discussion within the forums on Amazon Studios about how the writers are signing over all their rights.  And that Amazon is suckering the writers into bad deals.  Well, my take on it is this....before Amazon Studios came along, my screenplays were collecting virtual dust.  Just sitting on my hard drive...no one had read them, I hadn't really tried to get them optioned...NOTHING.  So I figure like this...it's FREE...and for FREE I will at least try.

Never look an opportunity as a negative...see the positive in it and roll with it! ;-) Um...that is all! 


Be Free.... (its the weekend!)