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Feeling Empowered on Amazon Studios

I've been reading and reviewing scripts online at the Amazon Studios website. I figured since I wasn't getting any downloads and reviews, I might as well help out my fellow screenwriters with their work.

I'm feeling empowered by what I learned at National University when I decided to go back for my MFA. At the time, I didn't see what my instructors/professors were telling me, but now...wow!!!! What I learned is definitely coming in handy.  Good loglines, showing versus telling, action, dialogue, story structure, premise, high concept etc....

Now I'm glad I went to school to specialize in my screenwriting craft.  I feel more confident in what I'm writing, how I'm writing, and if the story structure is strong. I spent a lot of money on that degree and now it seems to be paying off for me.  Well, it's beginning to pay off....I feel so empowered right now.  It also helps that one of the writers on the site decided to use my advice and told me he made a post of my advice within his forum - for all the other writers to see!!!! ;-) 

I have about five scripts to read and review.  My suggestions have been taken well.  As in my product reviews for Amazon.com, I'm getting a lot clicks for my feedback being helpful! :-)  I'm happy about this.  


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