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Decided to change my writing name.  SWEENY CAREY.  For some reason it rings a bell with me. It flows.

I need to do the numerology on it, but it just feels right.  It's my two last names...maiden and married. 

Last night I was able to clean up and edit one of my screenplays.  I was happy.  I did all 188 scenes.  I hadn't touch my screenplays in about a year, but last night I felt inspired to do so.  Maybe it was the madness at work or the fact that federal employees are having their pay frozen...I don't know what it was, but I felt I've let the game clock tick on me and now I'm in second quarter. I gotta get this moving. 

My husband said something to me that was so profound...well it wasn't anything I didn't know, but maybe I needed to hear it...through God and yourself all things are possible when you have the faith to know they will manifest.  He didn't say it like that....that's my version of it...but it has helped me to feel inspired once again. 

I'm ready to rock n roll.... turning into NIKE and JUST DO IT!


Be free...