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| Awakenings |

What was once a dream has materialized in more ways than one. I'm deeply in love. More deeply than before. The sun has never shone so bright in my life that even the more annoying things get smiles. This man I've chosen to love and who has chosen to return love to me is my most Godly prayer answered. I'm happy period

It has been awhile since I've last written.  My time has been consumed with planning, thinking, hunting and sowing seeds for tomorrow's fruits of labors and passions.  I'm getting married.  I'm purchasing a single family home. I'm doing the ultimate. I'm content.

My writing however has been waiting for me to return. It awaits patiently as I move from one project to another. It wants to me to return.  And I want to return to it. My heart is thumping to the beat of write today...write today...write today. My mind is filled and full with other wonderful treats - as in the passion of when a man loves a woman. But today, I felt the urge to come back to my blog to type out few short wonderful thoughts about where I am - this moment in time - it's all about love......

I will write.


Be free....