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Hello 2010 - I'm 23 days late!

I had planned to write in my blog on January 1, 2010.  That didn't happen.  It's now January 23, 2010 and I'm JUST getting around to writing in my blog. 

So far January 2010 has turned out to be a good month for me! I've gotten that depressive relationship monkey off of my back and I've just been enjoying myself. 

I've been partying all month long in honor of my birthday (January 21).  I went to other people's parties and I've had a blast. My party was at Dave and Buster's and I had a ball! I played games until I dropped! 

I also feel like I've been connecting to some really good people...that my energy is opening up and I'm getting some fun that haven't had in past years. 

However, the best part of January 2010 is coming up.  My ski trip! I've been waiting for this ski trip since last August! It's been 5 long months. As you can read from my previous blog posts I've been through a lot these last few months....but now...I'm in a different space...a different zone....  But I plan to have thee BEST TIME of MY LIFE on this trip! I've invested a lot of money and hours of thinking time lol.....Plus, I'm going with a man...that in itself should be HAWT!

Now that I think about it....I was spending to much of my energy stirring in my own pity party about my situation.  But for 2010, I just refuse to do that anymore. Even though I've know this all along...I'm the shot caller of this here game...I gave others too much power over my thoughts and they didn't even know they had the power...I was wasting my time....wasting my energy on objects of my desire when the reality of it all is that it doesn't matter...I just need to have fun and go with the flow! 

I've been taking a Romance Writing non credit course.  Thus far, I've gained some invaluable information as I proceed on with my writing projects. I plan to take the Mystery Writing course, Writing for Sitcoms, and Writing for Children. I want to expand my knowledge base in my new found career path.  Although, I realize that writing is a lonely profession and there is NO wrong way to do it...I just want to have the benefit of the knowledge from subject matter experts in these genres. 

In all, I just feel like I'm in a better place in my life. Welcome to being 39 years young baby! 


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