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MANLAW #2 & FEMALE LAW #1 - Social Networking

 MANLAW #2 and my FEMALE LAW #1.

Time to discuss social networking web sites and the interactions between men and women.  This is somewhat of a touchy subject. I have personally been involved in the bull crap that happens on these web sites. 

Message boards were really my first experience in dealing with social (sexual type) interactions between males and females on the Internet.  It's the free way to Internet dating.  I met my ex this way. He and I were both on at least three different message boards together.  I thought it was cute because we openly posted our responses, but sharing love notes in the private message inbox.  Little did I know he was sharing "love notes" to a whole lot of females. When it was all said and done I had found out about at least four girls he was private inbox messaging behind the scenes on three different messages that we were both members of.  ARRRRGGGHHH!!!! 

Men and their lies. The lies, lies, lies. And then men want to know why women are so "crazy"...well for one - women NEVER know when a dude is telling them the truth.  That's why women do the things they do...trying to figure out the truth. SNOOPING IS LOOKING FOR THE TRUTH!  It's funny because men get all mad when women are caught snooping...well if he would have told the truth in the first place there wouldn't be any reason to snoop! um...HELLO!!!! 

FOR EVERY ACTION THERE IS A REACTION!!!!  Thus, if a male puts out a negative action, nine times out of ten the reaction is going to be just as negative with a little bit of boost!  It's like science, people. More negativity begets more negativity.  This is on both parts because when the female is now totally disgusted at what has transpired she takes it to another level...and so does he...to the point it gets out of control.  

This can all be avoided...with these two simple laws...


Don't lie.  If you're NOT in a TRUE committed relationship with a woman....you and this female that you're sexin' or planning on sexin' are on the same social networking website(s), tell the woman that you have other "friends" and they too are on the website(s).  I'm not saying...let me repeat...I AM NOT SAYING you have to tell us which women are the friends with the benefits or the extras...but don't make the girl you're focusing on that minute feel extraordinary special...knowing you've got ALL women you're seeing feeling extra special - just keep it on the up and up with everyone...all its takes is ONE to start dropping pet names, kisses, hearts in the view of the public that will start some shit behind the scenes. [Or in my case some stuff up front for all to view and comment on]


My sistas. I know I know. It's hard. There are more single women out there competing for the limited amount of single men. Only limited because we each have a preference of the type of man we want. And yet men have this buffet to choose from and they do.  The scales are so unbalanced.  It's definitely a competition...even among the closest of single lady friends. 

I do wonder if women of other cultures and races go through the same things that Black women deal with when it comes to Black men. Why does it seem like white girls have no trouble finding a man...falling in love...getting married...etc.....is it because there are more white men?  But then we have to compete with other women of other races for the affections of Black men...this further lessens the pool of Black men. Not to mention, of course, the obvious...gay men, men in prison, homeless men, drug addicted men....etc.... 

Ladies, we must not allow ourselves to get emotionally involved with these cats we know are working the online social networking scene. It's okay to have fun. Get your jollys....but don't let your emotions to enter into the picture. We know the cloth these dudes are cut from and that cloth is not suit material....they are Bermuda shorts at best...seasonal...not a lifetime. 

So if he follows MANLAW #2 and tells you what the deal is...you are fully aware of what you're getting into. And by doing so you FULLY EXCEPT the situations/occurrences/drama/bullshit or what happens from choosing to deal such a male if you get emotionally involved. You have no one but yourself to blame...YOU CAN NOT CHANGE HIM!!!! Please do not think your sex is going to be the best and that will draw him in. Sex comes in flavors. It just depends on what flavor he is looking for...Maybe your head game is tighter than the other chick, but her "snatch" is wetter than yours and she can do back flips....lol  Sex is not what draws a man in. It's a slice of a factor to a total package. Who knows what makes a male decides she is the one...

However, if he does not follow MANLAW #2 and you are feeling all giddy and special, but you're seeing signs that other women are competing for his affections as well....you must make a decision.  You have options...choices....

1.  Ask him about it - be respectful - do not accuse.  Then make a subsequent decision based upon his answer. 

2.  Cut it off with him with no explanation....jet.  Or even bow out gracefully. 

3. Continue on and join the competition.  Keep on thinking your game is top notch and you're in it to win it.

All this to say...the interactions between the sexes has to get better.... 

I think being single is a bitch. There are many of days I don't like it...other days I appreciate it. But humans are social creatures and we crave the interaction of others on some emotional level.  It's just too bad that some people play with it like it's a game of some sort.  *singing* You are not alone...I am here with you...... 


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