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Liars | Fakes | Phonys OH MY!!!

They are abound. It is becoming increasing harder to find true and honest friends.  You say something from your heart and you think the response you are getting from theirs is just as honest...only to discover later their intentions are dark in nature. 

The selfish people.....

The people who only have a self-interest into their desires and whims, but need YOU to fulfill them......

The egoistic lying jackel.....

I asked God to help me to understand the motivations behind people's intentions. I need answers. 

I am a trusting soul. Taking words on face value as if they have said value.  What makes words worth the breath they are spoken on are the actions that surely follow.  But even actions lie. 

Remember there are people who want to infiltrate your spirit and bring it to your knees.  They will say all the good things you will want to hear, you will fall for their hell cloaked in wonderfulness, and then they will suck you into their BS trip.

I was duped...but never again.  Onward MARCH!


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