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My writer's block is finally gone! Whoo Hoo!!!! Now that I think about
it...it wasn't so much a blockage, but it was just me being tired and
obsessed over the Michael Jackson coverage once he passed away. As a
HUGE Michael Jackson fan, I stayed locked in to Larry King, Nancy Grace
and Jane Valdez-Mitchell - shows I would never normally watch if MJ had
not died. But I eventually got over it because they were doing nothing
but repeating the SAME information OVER and OVER again...BORING. I've
given them enough of my time to boost their ratings. ENOUGH! :-) So
instead of listening to the rantings of MJ's drug use night after night,
I decided to tap into my inner Michael Jackson - my creativity well, if
you please...and get on with my journey of tapping into my future inner
Trump of getting paid for all this writing that I do! WHAT!!!! It's
about time right?! LOL!

I have three new ideas on my plate. One is from three years ago. I was
looking through my external hard drive and I came across a story
treatment I did in December 2006. First I was amazed that I even
finished it (I have lots of uncompleted stories) and second it was in
pretty good shape for me to revise. I have now rewritten it and I like
what I'm reading. I will write the screenplay to it in the next couple
of months. I also have something in mind based on Santana my dog. He is
something and so truly worthy of me writing a screenplay based on some
of things he has done. Not a Marley and Me...but something with a plot
twist. My other project was what I call a "release" project. I was
going through the last little bit of an on again off again relationship
and it had just come to a point I was totally sick of it. So I wrote
down some key aspects of the relationship - the good, the bad, and of
course the ugly...and I saw a good comedy/drama story shaping up...I
jotted down an outline and I hand wrote a few pages for the screenplay.
But I've put it to the side for a brief moment. Only because.....

I decided to enter into the American Zoetrope Screenwriting Contest
that's headed up by Francis Ford Coppola. In order for me to enter, I
wanted to sharpen my MFA thesis Crofton Triangle. I stopped working on
the release project to revised and rewrite Crofton Triangle. I entered!
Then that got me to thinking that maybe I should enter my MFA working
screenplay - Church Chick. I am currently in the process of rewriting
and revising that script. I figured I'd enter both. Winners will be
announced February 2010. Fingers crossed. You never know what the
readers are looking for in these contests. And each of my screenplays
are very different. Eventually, I want to go back and really rework my
baby...my first screenplay - In the Zone.

I have been surfing the net to various types of screenwriting networking
sites. I have found three! StoryLink, InkTip, and Greenwriter. My
cousin also lives across the street from a REAL - yes I said REAL -
because the movies he has produced get wide release - producer...I had
spoken to him before about two years ago and he liked my writing, he
just didn't think In the Zone was high concept. He told me to get back
to him once I finished school and I had some other ideas to present.
Well, I am working on really getting my writing profolio together. I
want to have a comedy, drama, suspense, (horror if I can muster the
mindset for that madness) and whatever else I can write. I also have an
idea for a television show. I just need to know how to write a TV
script. Things are working for me....I am working for those ideas. The
universe is plentiful.

I was also invited to attend the Hawaii Writer's Conference Labor Day
weekend. I am stuck on whether I should go or not. It's a WONDERFUL
conference I'm told, but the amount of money to go is outrageous. Yes, I
have the funds...but my question is do I want to attend. I know one of
the presenters and he's offered to introduce me to his producer. What
would you do? I also want to attend the Screenwriting Expo in October
in L.A. I could always attend the Hawaii conference next year...they
have it every Labor Day. I love the fact that I have choices. What's a
life without a choice?