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9th Grade Giddy

Picture this....

You're laying across your bed...you're a teenager again. You're on the phone. It's late night. You don't wanna hang up. You really like the other person on the other side of the line. You're spitting your best heart felt lines to them...they are soaking it up and spitting it right back. Eventually, each of you fall asleep on the phone. You find yourself thinking about this person a lot. These emotions you're feeling are all this is fresh...the onset of a new beginning. The spark of the flame into a relationship. The sweetness you're experiencing you never want it to end.

But it does.

You eventually grow up. And now relationships have broken your back. You don't know if the new person you're meeting is telling you the truth. You don't know if they are spitting these lines because they are trying to game you out of your pants. You become harden. Even the beginning isn't as sweet as it once was...like back in the 9th grade and you just wanted this person to know you liked them a lot.


Why as adults has all this changed?

What's wrong with being a little giddy as an adult?

Why must we feel as if we have to protect our emotions and feelings at all cost?

What is it so hard in telling a person - "hey I'm really feeling your steez" without feeling like you're playing yourself...or playing all your cards to quickly?

Why do women feel like they have to hold their emotions back?

Why do men feel like they can't open themselves up and just be upfront and honest about the emotions?

At what point in time do we grow up and out of this silly little nonsense of emotional shawdow boxing?

What's wrong with feeling that giddiness once again?

I think if more people opened up, spoke their truth and held honest heart to heart conversations with the person they were diggin...maybe just maybe this large weight of distrust and dishonesty would subside when it comes to relationships.

It would be easier to move on if the other person didn't feel the same. You'd know exactly were you stood.

In the end...we're just all looking for companionship...who wants to die alone and to have never experienced the connection having a bonded love?

Hey...it's time to feel giddy again...Companionship is the social fabric of our lives that keeps us woven.


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