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Finding Your Passion Part 2 | Writing & Proofreading | Freebie Vacation

Life is fulfilling when you evolve. Positive evolution is necessary to
becoming a productive human being. Keeping your knowledge base
expanding, through education and training is a key element in keeping
your passions alive.

Since I wrote my first article "Finding Your Passions" in 2005,
<http://ezinearticles.com/?Finding-Your-Passions&id=53680>_ ] I have
definitely pursued my passion. As I mentioned previously, after going to
school and moving up in my career field in human resources management, I
discovered that my true passion is creative writing. This passion has
led me to complete a third master degree, a Master of Fine Arts Creative
Writing. I have now written three screenplays and have begun writing a
young adult novel.

The most interesting motivation factor in pursuing my passion is not
money, but freedom from the humdrum a nine to five j-o-b. The monetary
benefits weight in second. Writing for me, allows me to produce a life
long product that hopefully imprints a slice of my spirit that will live
on for my children and my children's children. This what thrills me the
most about my passion. When I write, I write for myself and for the
enjoyment of reading what I've written with the hopes of others will
enjoy it as well. Although, I know it's not guaranteed that others will
enjoy my musings, I keep thinking of stories to write and share because
my passion is linked into my internal happiness.

Your passion should be linked to your internal core of what makes you
totally happy. Keeping your passion alive is the smile that it gives you
when you're relaxing, drinking a warm up of tea and peering out the
window while the birds fly away in the baby blue sky. Ask yourself, why
is my passion important to me? What does it mean to me to continue to
pursue it? What enjoyment does it give me? Keep these thoughts in mind,
whatever your passion is make it work for you. It doesn't have to be a
money making venture, but it does have to produce an internal happiness.
And whatever else it produces is icing on your cake.

I am suffering from writer's block. I have ideas that pop into my
head...I write down the basic premise, but I can't seem to get pass
that. I just have lot of things on my mind. I have now finished school.
And I'm anxious in getting my writing career started but I don't know
where to start. I write screenplays. I also started a young adult
book. I'm trying to figure out how do I get myself into that game of
writing for movies and television. I am rare...an female black
screenwriter. I have a fresh and different perspective - this is
something Hollywood needs. I know my passion is to write, but right now
my brain is not allowing me to pursue that passion. I am hoping that
writing in my blog will help me to get a lot of things out of my head
and off my mind....I am looking to free my mind...where is that blue or
red pill when you need it.....In addition, I'm bad with proofreading. I
need to do better - that is a major skill in writing - being able to
proofread your copy.

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