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Michael Jackson | Being a Celebrity | Get a Free Vacation

I am a realist. I see things as they are. I accept them as they are.
When MJ passed, I was in shock like most fans were. The feeling was

It's been about two weeks since MJ's death and I've come to accept it.
Last night was the first night in the last two weeks that I haven't
dreamed about MJ. Crazy I know...but it is what it is. lol The MJ
memorial was GREAT - fit for a man who contributed so much to the music
industry. His music touched so many artists and the hearts of his fans
without fail. With that being said I take nothing away from MJ but I
can't quite understand this drug problem that is surfacing about him.

I am not delusional. I do believe MJ had an addiction to prescription
drugs, but was it to the point of taking 40 pills a day? As stated, did
Janet Jackson try to help MJ, but as most addicts do - he forced her
away. Are these former employees and doctors telling the truth? The
employees are painting a picture of a serious drug addict and the
doctors are painting themselves as being semi-saviors - saying they
warned MJ that the drugs he was taking were dangerous...yet SOMEONE -
some DOCTOR(S) were steadily prescribing these narcotics. Even in his
employees names? Really? There is definitely a story developing here.

I do believe that drugs (prescription and illegal) run ramped in the
entertainment industry. Just imagine all the pressure we endure in our
everyday lives. Our performance at work, what our friends think about
us, when we meet new people - what do they think about us, how we feel
about ourselves - especially when we're having one of those "I have too
many flaws" days - so take that and multiply it by any double digit
number you choose - and that's the life of a celebrity. Just because a
celebrity is a well known person doesn't mean they don't suffer from all
the problems us non-celebrity people suffer. These people weren't
ALWAYS famous but they do live inside a bubble - with people who are
enablers. So let's put yourself in this pocket as the employee - you're
working for a very famous celebrity - you're living the high
life...where they go you go...you're on the inside...other people want
to be where you are....this celeb may even try to help you take a leap
and make it big...do you enable their wants, needs and temper
tantrums...or do you stand up to them and tell them what they are doing
is wrong and perhaps get fired? When do the employees and the people
that surround the celebrities decide to step in....are they being like
friends or like employees? It's such a FINE line. Should they involve

Really who could say NO to Michael Jackson? As soon as you formed your
lips to say the word, you were on the outs and replaced with a new set
of yessers. I am filled with mixed emotions. I truly believe MJ is at
peace, but I don't want his legacy to be scarred and tainted by this
talk of his drug use.

Anyway...how about getting a free vacay! lol :-) Who doesn't like FREE
and VACATION in the same sentence?

Normally, y'all know I'm not into this - trying to get people to go see
a timeshare presentation, but I figured why not? It's free......but in
June I went on a mini vacation to Massanutten. It was free...I was
trying to get the girls away before they started camp and I decided to
go back to Massanutten. I went there once before about 2 or 3 years ago
with the girls and my mom...I didn't purchase then, but I thought about
it often.So yeah, I took the tour...yes I purchased...but you don't have
to...I was going to purchase anyway....but I didn't let my sales rep
know that. I drove him crazy getting all those perks n bonuses. LOL :-)

So I'm passing on a free R&R weekend vacation at Massanutten to you (or
they may offer you Ft. Lauderdale or Williamsburg).

Anyway..you'd stay 4 days and 3 nights stay or 3 days and 2 nights, get
a $100.00 visa gift card or tickets to the indoor/outdoor Water Park. (I
did have to pay $100, but that was refunded to me after the tour in the
form of a Visa Gift Card) I think they have variety of packages you can
choose from. As you take you tour to see the resort, the condos (of
course I love the one with that huge tub for two - hint hint) - YOU
DON'T HAVE TO PURCHASED!!! After the tour we hit the water park. My
youngest daughter loved the lazy river. Both girls went down the water
slides as I watched. lol

If you interested, you can get in contact with Andrew Pearson - his
contact info is 954.414.3366 x281 or
apearson@vacationvillageresorts.com Reference Name: Sweeny ID: 985638

Massanutten has an Indoor/Outdoor Water Park, Ski Slopes (in the
winter), Golf, Miniature Golf, Recreation Centers, Spa (I got a massage
and facial for about $80) , Shopping, Canoing, Tubing, Hiking, Fishing,
Horseback Riding, Wine Tasting, Art and Crafts, I also got a fun henna
like tattoo. The girls got one too. Mine is these cute little pair of
feet on my wrist. lol
See resort http://www.massresort.com/

I also just got a trip to Williamsburg for $75. Because I'm a timeshare
owner, so I got the owner's special. I will get a $125 gift card in
return - will stay from Friday to Monday. So I'm going in August, so I
can take my kids to Busch Gardens.

I've been trying to vacation more....I want to travel more. My children
need to be exposed to the world and to other cultures...and just other
parts of the United States. This is a good thing....