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When Do You Stop Being Tired?

I'm tired. Well I guess I should be it's about 9pm on a Tuesday night.
But I'm more mentally tired that physically tired. I've been wanting to
write in my blog for a while now, but every time I think about it, the
thought just makes cringe. Now that I'm out of school and I'm all
finished with that - I finally feel like my mind is open. I feel like
writing, but I've been too tired to get into my writing project I have
going on like I want to.... It's work, it's the kids, it's the Sims,
it's Twitter, it's Facebook (well never Facebook), it's bowling, it's
Santana, it's fake and phony ass lines from men, it's my mind always
racing....and I never get to see the finish line. So I have to stop.
No more mind racing.... Right now I'm waiting for my daughter to flat
iron my hair. She's being LAZY about doing it. But I need it done
because last night I was too TIRED to ask her to do it. All I did was
blow dried it out. Today at work was a STRAIGHT bun day, but I felt
washed out and unspectacular. I'm tired of my girls arguing all the damn
time. They fuss over EVERYTHING. It's nerve racking. And very hard to
ignore. I'm tired of the people at my job. I like what I do but some
of the people I work with are whack. Maybe they just don't get me...I'm
just a different kind of gal. In all senses of the words...I'm
different. Introverted. I'm stay on my Sims3 game....such a shame
because I could be writing....Sims3 and Twitter are time wasters and
stealers for me. One day I played the Sims from 1pm to about 10pm. lol
OUTRAGEOUS. I cooked dinner while playing....don't get me started on
Twitter...oh I use to be such as queen on the T. But when I had to
finish my last class for school....I had to push Twitter to the
side....I really don't tweet as much as I use to. Still bowling. My
average SUCKS this summer. I can't seem to get into my game. Maybe I'm
tired of bowling. I need a break. I love my Santana...best dog in the
world. It's not easy being a pet owner...I admit it...I don't walk him
EVERY DAY like I should. *tears* I'm a BAD PET OWNER!!!!!!!!!......but
I love my dog nevertheless. lol Tired of getting the late night booty
calls....they do nothing for me. As I posted on Twitter....I told
him...can't do it...I'm on my 30-day cycle. Then he called back wanting
to just cuddle....sorry boo I'm not a Koala either! He's just the wrong
man is all. Tired of men tryna pick me up and have nothing to offer. Go
away with that lameness!!!! Lawd....