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MIA from my Blog | Beat Movement/Generation | Writing | Santana

Wow...it's been over a month since I've written in my blog. I'm not surprised.  This is the kind of stuff I do.  I get busy doing something else and I forget about all the other stuff I'm involved in.  So I've to schedule time for me to write in blog on my Blackberry, that way I can get the friendly reminders.  I don't have any excuses because my blog will accept my entries from an email address.  I just need to keep this comment to myself on this. It isn't easy. 

I'm in the last class of my MFA program.  I will officially be finished on May 31st.  Even though I have finished my thesis and my capstone courses - there was one more elective I had to take.  I decided to take this course on a particular literary movement or period. This course focuses on the Beat Generation.  I didn't know anything about this movement, but from the text I've read, Hollywood had done a lot of ripping from it.  I have to write a 12-15 page paper on this and I'm concerned because I seem to be the only MFA student in the course, everyone else is a MA in English or Literature. I'm going write my professor back and ask to explain even clear what the hell he's talking about.  He's just as confusing as ever. I'll have to let him know the last time I've ever taken a English course was over ten years ago...and I've NEVER taken a Literature course - so is using the word "sensibility" something significantly special to Master of Arts in English courses.   This man really doesn't make any sense to me when he provides comments.

For those who don't know what the Beat Generation was, it was a group of writers who wrote after the WWII and into the early 1960s.  Most of their work was dark.  They were druggies, sometimes lived a life of crime, hung around and had sex with hookers, homosexuals, bisexuals, and were sometimes treated as mental patients or hung around them.   For the 1950s, all those things were taboo. They referred to themselves as "beatniks".  They were angry about religion, they were angry about the condition of the United States.  Here are some names William Burroughs (Junky), Allen Ginsberg (Howl), J.D. Salinger (The Catcher in the Rye), Patricia Highsmith (The Talented Mr. Ripley), and the one who coined the movement (Beat Generation) - Jack Kerouac.  He wrote the book, On the Road, of which I am supposed to be "reading", I've read like the first five pages. I really don't have time to read this book and all the other materials we've been tasked to read....AND...be a mother...a Federal employee...and have time for myself....to think about nothing...to do nothing.  However, I would say thus far, this  learning about this movement has opened my eyes to the gridder side of how I want to write.

Thus far, my screenplays have been what I consider light. Romance, coming of age, and suspenseful, but I want to be a darker writer.  However, I don't have that kind of darkness in my soul to write to be a Beatnik.  Maybe this is a good thing, but from what I can tell dark screenplays sell. We, meaning society, like to see the darker side of ourselves.  Even in my last screenplay, the only character that dies is the hitman.  Wasn't he supposed to die? I think the Beat Generation has a representation of taking a risk with my thoughts, my ideas, with my writing.  I shouldn't be scared to dig deeper. I guess the reason I'm scared to tap into that Stephen King wing of my mind is because I have a firm belief that those who can think like that...write about such horrifying stuff, must want to do things subconsciously. Just my thought.  So I keep my writing what I consider shallow.  I will have to think about this more.  The next piece I'm working on has the potiential to go darker, but as I was writing out the ending....I think it's shallow now. I'll have to rework it over the summer. 

I finally got my dog.  Yay!!! :-) Santana is his name. He loves me and I love him.  I never really understood how much unconditional love he brings me. He just thinks I'm the best person in the world.  He waits for me to get home by the door and when I walk in...WHOA! His tail is just wagging away.  lol It's great. There is some jealousy between my little one and him. They compete for my affections. I love them both. I had to let my little one know she'll always be my baby.  Even though she though the dog was taking over.  It's amazing how wonderful pets can be...they have such internal love healing powers. 

I will not promise myself that I always will write in my blog, but I will definitely try to do better than before. :-)