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TGIF | 1 Hour Gone | Bowling | Me on Radio

It's that time again kids! FRIDDDDAYYYY....and you know what is so messed up! I get all hyped about Friday. Picture this: I'm all at work thinking about the weekend...leaving work early (as I do most Fridays) and drive home feeling good about myself and BAM! I have NOTHING to do! LMAO :-)  Why this is I don't know.  I just don't plan anything for Friday nights when I should. But this weekend the weather is supposed to be GREAT. Especially after having that snow storm we had in the beginning of the week - now the snow is mostly gone. YAY! It came and it went. Just like I like it.  The birds are chirping in the morning so Spring MUST be close - ya? 

I also believe this weekend is DST. UGH! Turning the clock up on damn hour. I'm going to miss that one hour of sleep. Why must Congress continue to mess with time and these clocks? Leave me alone. Just leave it on DST year around. I hate having to adjust to it. 

Of course - BOWLING! I'm all excited to use my new ball again. Last week, I bowled a 190, 186, 180. Tomorrow, I'll go pick up my other ball. It had a chip in it and it needed new plugs. It should be ready. Yay!! Just taking the time (and money) to really build up my arsenal of lane weapons.

Don't forget on Sunday evening I'll be on Blog Talk Radio as one of the panelist discussing interracial relationships. When I have the all the info, I'll post it on my Twitter or my status in Facebook for all to tune in! 

Many thanks for all the new vistors and new RSS subscribers! Yay me!!!!

That's it for RIGHT now...