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Can't Let U Go | My son the new doggy

Can't Let U Go: I was listening to this song in the car this morning and for the first time I didn't like what Fabolous was rapping about. Maybe it's because I've played second fiddle - a pinch hitter (as he called it) before. Maybe it was because I just realized I was playing the background. So I ask myself why? Why do so many "got it together" woman play the background role? Why do we allow men to place us in that role? Why do we make these decisions knowing it never works out for the bench riding team? What makes the bun more worthy than the pinch hitter? Why does a man feel like he needs a pinch hitter? Especially like the way Fabolous tells it - he can't let her - he's so deeply emotionally involved with her, but she's not worthy enough to be the bun. WHATEVER!!!!! Men want their cake and eat it too. Women want the cake all to themselves and why not? I think that song hurt my feelings this morning. Lol I look back on my pinch hitter situation and I think I'm still mad at myself for placing myself in such a mixed emotional experience. However, I learned a lot about myself through that experience. So in hindsight I wouldn't trade the experience because I think I'm a better person. I'm clear in where I'm going relationship wise. I know I'm not the only woman out there that's been in that type of relationship. I do believe its more common than anyone would like to admit. My dog: I'm going to see the dog this weekend. His name is Rocky and he's a male. I have too many females in my house. Not enough male energy to counter balance all that estrogen. Lol

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