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ThesisDuring the months of October and November I was in the capstone course of my Master of Fine Arts degree, MCW 670. In this course I was to rewrite my thesis. I am in the Screen writing program of the MFA. So of course, my thesis is a screenplay. A full length script. I wrote the first draft of the script during MCW ???, lol I don't remember the numbers. Any who. At the completion of 670, I had not finished my rewrite. Then I got side tracked. This class was to be my last class. But I have one more elective to take. So the elective course I was in was about -- a director -- whose name escapes me lol. But needless to say, I dropped the class. I was so unfocused. Plus the class seem so boring. But what ended up happening was I did nothing else with school for the next three months {December, January, February}. I was really disappointed in myself. Why? I truly value higher learning and I was miffed that I had come all the way to the end and truly became so burnt out that I had to say no mas. No more. At the VERY end. Well I finally got myself together. FINALLY!!!!! *singing CeCe Peniston* I finished my thesis. It's now at the bindery for bookbinding and two copies will be sent to National University. One for the Creative Writing department and the second for the NU Library. I also ordered a third copy...for me! I'll have it in my own personal library. Yippee!!!!!

WritingNow that I am technically almost finished with school. I have decided to set up some time to write. I need to make a schedule. I feel alive again. I have some ideas I need to get down on paper. I also need to dedicate more time to my blogs. In addition to my online serial novel: Avalon Adventures.

CareerWith that being said...I need a manager. I need someone to help me manage my writing career. I also need an agent. Someone who can get my work out into the industry. Eventually, I will need an accountant, for all that money I'm going to make (I still sign the checks)...and of course and attorney, need someone I trust to review my contracts and ensure I'm not being swindled, that everything is on the up and up! I'm putting that out into the ethers. I will build this team. This will happen for me. I know it.

MarriageI'm ready to get married. I am so seriously tired of being single. I've been doing this single life thing about eights years to many. lol It would be nice to share my life with that special man. That special love of my life. Going through the tough times of life alone totally sucks! It really does. I need someone I can bounce my life off of and he can bounce his. A companion. Whew...

ChildrenAnd I want one more child. I think. Awww I think my biological click is ticking...and I have two children! I still want a son. A boy.

DogI am still thinking of getting a male puggle. A dog is such a huge responsibility. And you say children aren't...well a child I can do. lol I've got that experience down like a science.

All this to say...I'm looking to reformulate my life....a successfully paid writer with a husband, three children and a dog. How novel.