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Low Tech Reality TV | Relationship Closure

_*Low Tech Reality TV*_

I have a new focus for my YT channel. I have started my own Low Tech Reality TV show. This is my way of giving you a dose of my life - low  tech style. Nothing fancy. Just snipets of my life. Coming to you as it
happens via Qik | Streaming Live Vid from my Blackberry and automatically uploaded to YouTube (some qik vids already posted) and my website http://www.zetazen.com But it's not just YouTube, I also have it on 12seconds.tv and Vimeo. I just thought to myself why not? Why can't I act like I have a reality tv show? lol It's nothing great in terms of production...because I am the star, director, producer, cameraman, writer with YouTube, Vimeo, 12seconds and Qik being my distributor and providing my syndication.... but I like how they all work together! lol :-) Should be pretty interesting as I venture to meet and greet people. 

So I'm really proud of my first podcast. I've listened to it a couple of times...and if I do say so myself, I'm liking what I hear. It's the real me. As my life is happening in that moment in time. I like the kid
interuptions. It shows my how my life really is. But it also fits into my theme of the Real Talk Blog and my Low Tech Reality TV show.

_*Relationship Closure - Nuggets of some Wisdom*_

So this morning I got out my soapbox and I went on a rant about relationships on Twitter. lol If you know anything about Twitter...that was lot of ranting considering I can only write 140 characters for each update. LMAO...I was on a roll. Anyway...my rant all started with the Today Show doing a segment on Rihanna and Chris Brown getting back together. First..what did people REALLY expect? I can't believe some fans are so outraged that they decided to talk and work this thing out.

The fact of the matter in the real world...women and men are in these love addicted relationships...and people struggle on the daily about letting a "loved" one go. It's not easy. Change is hard...taking that
risk to say yes, I'm going to be single in this pressurized society of relationships is mind bending. People are in all kinds of abusive relationships. Mental, emotional, sexual, financial, drug related, physical, and whatever kind of addiction or habit that binds the two.  

Remember the movie 9 1/2 weeks (of which I just watch last weekend), this woman was strung out on dude. We just don't know why we connect to a person...to a point where we do ourselves more harm than good. But guess what...this is how life is. We are all trying to learn to make better decisions. Rihanna at 21 wouldn't really know to make a better decision just because OTHERS see it as the best decision. She doesn't have the time - the years of relationship experience to help her see if this is the best decision or not. Case in point...when Kobe Bryant cheated on his wife with that chick at the resort...everyone was like oh she (his wife) should leave him...and he got her those "I'm Sorry"
diamonds....well fast forward and two kids later and eons of moons...she stuck by him and no one even remembers his moment of lapse of judgment...and his squeaky clean imagethat was somewhat tarnished has now been redeemed...he's shining again! Whomp! Whomp!

I've never been in a physically abusive relationship, but I've endured my fair share of mental and emotional abuse. Some of that just brought on by me....because I wasn't healthy enough to see the greatness and goodness in me - to not settle. But hey it's okay! I learned. This is Rihanna's and Chris Brown's learning and growing moment. The sad part is they had to play this out in the public eye...I only had me, myself and I to face in the mirror....

All I say to this is....we've all had our trials and tribulations when dealing with people in relationships....hell navigating just our social and platonic interactions can be dicey enough...but add in feelings of lust and sometimes love and we have more of a combustible mix....my
judgments are reserved on this...I know all too well that there is more that meets the eye on this one.

Hey don't forget to check out my podast ep1 in my previous blog post. Comments? Thoughts? Suggestions? All are welcomed...just don't be too harsh on a sister! lol