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Diddy | Celebrity Twitter | Dropthecelebs

So I woke up this morning really pissed at Diddy. LOL Yes...P.DIDDY/Puff Daddy/Sean John Combs.....yes that one...lol Why? Well because I was following him on my beloved Twitter. And he's been tweeting away...all hours of the day and night.  

I saw how the followers who I am also following would reply to him when he'd ask all his many questions...but I never saw any replies...now I might be wrong on this but it just seemed that he was one of those Celebrity Twitterers that tweet and tweet away but have no INTERACTION with their followers. Yes, this bothered me. It bothered me immensely.

So I went to my double doored closet and pushed all those black shoes to the side...and I found my soapbox. I pulled it out. And I began my rant against Celebrity Twitterers.  Here's how it started...straight from my Twitter search:

ZETAZENCelebrity Twitter has taken over...Mariah Carey Tweets.... the celebs want all the followers but don't want to follow back n won't interact

ZETAZEN: really kinda mad about the Celeb Tweeters...I will discuss when I return

ZETAZENOk I've come to the conclusion I'm tired of Celebrity Twitter. It's like when us "regular" folks get something the celebs see it

ZETAZENand then try to take it over...like Myspace...

ZETAZENWell MySpace has always been some crap, but I've seen it as a way for regulars to make their own Internet Famousness...

ZETAZENJust like YT...it was about regular ppl broadcasting themselves.

ZETAZENLet the celebrity twitterers have their own Celebrity Twitter...and if ppl want to sign up and follow them on that website...then go for it

ZETAZENBut leave the untainted Twitters for us everydayers be.

ZETAZENNow, I know some ppl will just say...well don't follow them.

ZETAZENWell it's NOT about following them...it's about THEM being MORE interactive!

ZETAZENAs far as I'm concerned...these Celebrity ppl have come into OUR world...not vice versa...so why shouldn't they interact?

ZETAZENDemi Moore and Ashton Kutcher INTERACT...they don't feel threaten by talking to ppl. They RT, they @ 

And I went on and on....replying and tweeting to other Twitterers who were up at that time of morning on a Friday to listen to my rant. 

ZETAZENSome Celebrity Twitters are using this as the new marketing toy. don't get me wrong, it can be used as such, but don't push it to us

ZETAZENMcHammer is another one that I find to be GREAT asset to the Twitter community...he retweets and he tweets back. He tweeted to me! lol

ZETAZENAll I'm saying is that Celeb Twitterers need to step it down a notch...

ZETAZENI think Im going to start an uprising! lmaooooooooooooooo

So I started a new hashtag...

ZETAZEN#dropthecelebs I say we drop some of the non responsive celebs who we follow! lol TWITTER UPRISING! Revolution will be TWITTERIZED!

ZETAZENOkay ppl we've got the hashtag! #dropthecelebs Let's do this!

TWITTER UPRISING over the non responsive celebs!

At this point I was in FULL FORCE!

ZETAZENWhy is Diddy asking what's the first thing I do when I wake up? Why do you care,

you're not going to answer me! DROPPED. #dropthecelebs

ZETAZENI just dropped Diddy...an ode to Snoop - Drop it like its hot....and I dropped

Snoop's ass too! #dropthecelebs

The Dropthecelebs campaign I think lasted for about THREE hours! lmaooooooo I don't think I'm going to follow anymore celebs. I like the everyday people with their everyday problems and issues like me. 

They really need their own Celebrity Twitter so they can have alllllllllll the followers they want and tweet AT people all day and all night if they want!  

And the celebrities who want to act normal and be interactive can hang with the people that make Twitter what it is on the daily!

I don't have anything against Diddy or what he's doing. I'm happy for him, I just want him to be interactive. It's like McHammer, Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher get it when it comes to Twitter... 

So at this point....I'm watching out for these CelebTwitterers. 

Soapbox placed neatly back in my double doored closet until my next three hour cause....