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SOL is shit out of luck.  I realize how sometimes we - as humans - not just me...how we have a tendency to not deal with important things in our life.  I know people do it with their bills they owe all the time; especially if they don't have the money to pay...they just let the bills pile up on their kitchen table or somewhere out of sight as if they aren't even there.  It's so much easier to throw that piece of mail to the side than to open it up and deal with what's really going on. I came to that crossroad when I had to open a letter from the Department of Education. I DREAD seeing those envelopes...only because I owe so much in school loans. I must have let the letter sit on the kitchen table for about two hours before I decided to open it up...and I cracked up laughing when I saw what it was. It was just confirming I was still in school. WHEW!!!!! I thought it was going to tell me how much MORE in debt I am with school. A reality I'm not ready to face until I am FINISHED!!!! 

I really need to get back on the ball with my thesis.  I need to have it completed and off to the bindery by the end of this week or by Monday. That is a must.  I need to have it back to my school by March 31. So tonight will be my last night that will be dedicating a lot of time to Twitter or my aimlessly time wasting Internet surfing before I start to really hit the writing trail and finish this thing.  I have one more class to finish and I will receive my third and final degree - a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing (MFA).  My focus is screen writing. I need to make this happen. And I need to make that happen soon...I'd really like to pay off my school loans with the stroke of one of my screenplays being optioned. That would be DIVINE!  However, with the MFA I can always do some side work by teaching. That would be good. But that wasn't the objective of me going back to school.  So once again...I'M LOOKING FOR AN AGENT! LOL :-) If you put it out into the universe, it will happen...it will come!

I am also wondering if anyone else on Twitter is getting Diddy tired. lol Just an observation.  Which rolls me right into the next topic....

I'm wondering how regular people such as myself feel about the celebrity Twitterers.  I know I really like the vibe that Demi Moore (mrskutcher) gives because she seems genuine.  And she tweets back. I should know she's tweeted to me twice. Yay!!! And Ashton (@aplusk) is great at retweeting and getting out worthy information.  But there are other celebrity twitters like Solange Knowles...who really won't tweet back to any of her followers (this is the third time I've mentioned this lol).  And her tweets are somewhat whack to me lol. I'm so over it lol. I will probably stop following her soon. I also follow Shaq (don't care about him speaking back to me), McHammer (he's spoken to me) - one of his proteges Dasit (we speak all the time), Ryan Leslie (he's a musical genius don't expect him to speak to me, but I've been wanting to call him lol), Mark Cuban, Eryka Badu, Danyel Smith (Editor of Vibe Magazine and she tweets back too) all this to say - - I seriously believe if these celebs are going to invade Twitter they should be a Twitter-law they must interact with the people that follow them. I'm not saying they have to follow us back, but at least respond back to some of the people. @amyzquinn made a nice observation...that some celeb twitters tweet AT their fans while some tweet TO their fans.  That's the basic gist....some are using Twitter to promote their new stuff like 50 cent. He's a whack twitterer...but Demi Moore seems to identify and is real about who she is and not that all the stuff we read from TMZ or other gossip rags. I like that. I like to see the realism of celebs...it's important that we see these people in a regular everyday light and not place them on a pedestal....it's not good for our future generations....

But in the end our future generations are carving out niches for themselves on the Internet. (Well really not the future generations, but all of us in some form or another). So many start ups and websites are allowing people to be their own stars...net video/tv, djs of online radio, authors of blogs/online books/magazines....people are getting their own piece of the celebrity pie minus the LOOT!

But I'm sure someone is figuring out a way to really parlay all that Twitter following into money...

If you build it...it will come..... (I know the movie said HE will come.... lol )