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Work can be a bitch [sometimes]

There are days I love my job...and then there are days I don't.  Today was one of those days I don't. Maybe it's because today I had the BEST intentions of going in. I got dressed I was on my way until Jose stopped me. (if you don't know know who Jose is ---> Who Jose Is)  Anywho...now that I'm back from my tires being done....I grabbed something to eat...listened to my standing Tuesday afternoon meeting via telephone....then I decided to jump on to Citrix. Our remote system....that turned into an hour of me getting all flustered about work.

Today was just one of those days I felt inadequate about work. The emails...I just felt like I couldn't answer any of the questions. I felt overwhelmed. Even though I am at home, I feel like I'm being stared at because I did something wrong.  It's me...I know it is. It's how I'm internalizing this bunch of nothing.

For the last three months - since the end of November - I've gotten side tracked on my plans. I need to remember the goal and focus. I need renewed sense of my purpose and release this silliness of me and this job. I have to remember that I'm the PURPOSEFUL POWER PLAYER!!!!!

I'm the Forrest Gump of my world.... lol You know...this too shall pass!!!!!