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Jose told me to go with the flow of life....Listen to your first mind

When I got up this morning I was all pippy! I had about 9.5 hours of
sleep. As I was getting dressed for work; something in my mind
said...take your laptop. Well that was my Guardian Angel (lets call him
Jose). Left the house ON TIME! Dropped the little one off at
school...and guess what? My tire pressure light came on. Now. Normally,
I'd keep it moving. But Jose was working on me this morning. He kept
saying to me, you're going to get a flat tire, don't go all the way
downtown and get stuck. So as I was coming up to RT50 (the freeway),
Jose was like DON'T DO IT! So I listened to Jose. I firmly believe one
MUST listen to their first mind. Most of the time we don't. We just
ignore it and keep it moving and we always end up with top notch
bullshit because we decided to second guess our first mind. So I decided
to listen to Jose and came straight to NTB Tires. I already knew I
needed three new tires. But I was hoping I'd get more out of it. Guess
not...so I was standing there talking to the tire tech guy about my
tires...blah blah blah...needless to say...I'm spending a chunk of
change to get four new tires. I decided to just get a full new set.
Lucky for me...Jose told me to bring my laptop...I am able to hook up my
laptop to my Blackberry as a modem and get on the Internet. I checked
email at work. I checked Twitter. I checked my personal email. Hey I'm
still connected, while chilling at the NTB Tires, getting my tires...I
like the fact I can still stay connected at work. This means I don't
have to take any leave. Yay! Life is good. But this also proves my point
to my supervisor that I don't have to sit at a desk in downtown
Washington, DC to get my job done. I can be mobile and still make it all
happen. I need more telework days. I need to work from home five days a
week. I'm placing that thought in the air...Jose...make it happen son! :-P