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Last night I picked up my boo.  His car is all jacked up...OMG...I missed him so. On our way back, I had to stop at a four way stop sign, I had to take my jacket off because I was hot....wow he just grabbed me and kissed me so like aaaaahhhhh.....  That was so definitely missed. 

Anywho. Not much going on a work today. I've been checking in periodically. 

I finally figured out how to do my RSS for my podcasts. lol My backend does it for me.  HAHA at my BACKEND.  I can't wait to try it out.  My next thing is wrapping my mind around doing Tags and Categories of my blog posts.  So dull. I think it's because my blog posts are so random in nature. I have several topics in one blog post.  But I will try it out to see if I like it...if I not it's my blog world I can stop it.