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I kinda stood my BF up. But not on purpose. I didn't think I'd feel this bad about it. He was itching to get to the house last night. Ok. But he doesn't get off work until 1:30am, which means he wouldn't have been to my house until 2:30am. Not really good on a weekday.  He doesn't have to go work today, but I do. Our schedules are off. I'll be home on Friday, but he has to go to work on Friday. This is so jacked up.  And he works just about every weekend.

Well he called me at 1:30am last night and I didn't hear the phone ring because it was on vibrate. I feel bad because even though I was asleep, I kinda felt like I was ignoring him. Odd I know.  I think it was because when he and I spoke earlier I knew he was going to call me when he got off work. Oh well. Things happen.  So needless to say, I miss dude's call. I called and left him a voice note about 5:30am.  Damn he just wanted to spend a few hours with me. Why couldn't I see that? But then I would have been no good at work. He would have had me up all night. This was for the best.

Nevertheless, I'm feeling rest broken because I really didn't get all the sleep I needed. I stayed up until a little bit after 12am.  So I got about five hours of sleep. I need eight, but if honeypot came over it would have been less than that!

Sidebar: Dammit, my oldest daughter doesn't freaking listen.  She just makes me angry all the time because she doesn't listen! This can't be good. Probably why I'm getting so much gray hair.  And I can't believe I'm considering having at least one more baby if BF wants to get to married. I'd really like a son.  It's official...I really do need more sleep.