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Saturday Night Bowling on Valentine's Day

What a way to spend VDay night...bowling! I bowled a 527 set. I rolled a 163, 187, and a 177.  My fingers were cramping by the third game. I think I'm holding my ball too tight. I'm not relaxed enough. 

I didn't feel bad about not spending my VDay night with my BF. Unusal and odd.  In the past, I would have been easily upset over not spending that night with my boo. But this year, I didn't let VDay bother me.  BF called me at 5:30am on Sunday morning - I knew he forgot. He's always working to pay off those bills. I ain't mad at him for trying to make that money. It's what he does. He works. He works two jobs to make it all happen. Good for him. I just got tired of him talking to me about it all the damn time! lol

I think what was interesting is that my ex texted me at 7:40am to wish me a happy VDay. I was impressed. Only because I wasn't expecting that from him. It wasn't something he had to do.  However, I did smile that he thought of me enough to say it.

Valentine's Day is so made over and it makes a lot of people who are not in relationships feel bad.  They feel bad because they haven't found that "perfect" someone to share their time and energy with.  Awww he went to Jared. Who the fuck cares? I can go to Jared too!

To me it's overrated. It's not what a person does for you on Valentine's Day, it's those days that aren't mandated by some propagandized holiday that we show one another we love and care.  It meant more to me that both my ex and my current BF called me to wish me a Happy Birthday.  Those fools remembered!!!! It means more to me when they send me text messages or call me when they are thinking about me. It's those times that are special...and even on any given average day out of the blue is when flowers, balloons or stuffed animals would mean the most to me. It's the JUST BECAUSE factor.

*singing Anita Baker*

I love you just because

I love you just because

Just because I do......