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I know why PATIENCE is NOT a virtue....

One thing I'm not good at is dealing with is uncertainty. Right now I'm just having one of those moments were I'm not sure about something that's on my mind, but I can't actually speak on it. 

This is apart of my lesson on patience. It is one of the most gut wrenching things I've ever felt in my life. I know I'm being tested. 

Being patient is not easy when we live in a society of now now now.  We want things faster. We want things smaller.  We want things BK - having it our way all the time.  What does PATIENCE have to do with it if we are living in a broadband/3G era? 

I feel the uncomfortable-ness from within. I want to scream about it and just ask WHY?! This state of unknowing is causing me to over think.  

I'm trying to be patient....really I am, but this patience thing is got me off balanced and unnerved. 

I've prayed. I've mediated. I've stared. I've written. I've thought. I've contemplated. I've smiled. I've preoccupied and in the end I'm still wired.

Please please please....peace be still upon me. I need to see the light at then end of the tunnel.  

I need to feel the sweetness of patience. 


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