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Contact Your Ex | Angel Card Reading

I can't stop laughing....I mean really....is this apart of my transformation? Is this apart of my change? 

Now just the other night I received a call from my ex that I was with on and off for about seven years. Like I said in my previous blog post, I felt a HUGE shift in consciousness - I knew I had moved on. 

Well this must be contact your ex week...because I JUST received a call from another one of my exes. WOW! I'm like amazed. He was DEFINITELY one of the LAST people I thought would be contacting me. I hadn't heard from him in months and I hadn't seen him since before the summer started. 

I'm just so baffled by this - Did I send out a beacon? I mean well I did, but not to them! I love it. It does make a girl feel good. I'm laughing uncontrollably at the moment.  

How about this? The ones that want you...you don't want and ones you want...don't want you....the world turns on such crazy conflict and donkey drama!

The sun shone today for the first time in days and I woke up with just high spirits, I feel positive and love in my heart! I guess others are sensing my shine. 

Today's Angel Cards fit right into how I'm feeling:

The Angel of Balance: I AM in perfect balance and harmony with life. 

Single Angel Card: Tenderness

YES! I'm feeling this. 

For awhile I've been feeling off balance and my blog posts have outwardly expressed my displeasure with areas of my life. But it was like everything has changed.  

Just the other day I was terribly sick.  I had some kind of stomach virus. I was sleeping beauty.  I went to sleep for about 16 hours. When I finally awoke the next morning, my stomach still bothered me some, but I had a completely new attitude. I have NO CLUE what happened to me during that time, but I feel a wave of newness and complete still peace.  

I can't stop smiling and laughing. Nothing can break this mood. 

Not even my Philadelphia Eagles losing....of which this VERY moment they are. I've accepted so much loss of things in my life that I've learned to accept it's just apart of life.  Oh well.

I'm still going to get me some Eagles jewelry tho.  I have my eye on this nice pendant.  

And can I just say that once again....that if every kiss begins with Kay, then I should have a RACK of diamonds by now?! lol :-)

Please laugh...at this very moment...just think of something truly funny and just laugh! Be happy....


Be free... 



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