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Moved On

His sex was good.  I liked it a lot. Even though it was void of passion. It was just sex. I didn't even view it as being that kind of sex that one would lust after. I yearned to just be near him. That's how much I was diggin' his vibe.  

I remember the first day I met him in person.  We had built up a wanting....to see one another.  I had met him on the message board about four months prior. I remember him being tall and good looking just like his pictures had made him out to be. I remember him coming around the corner as he approached me in the hotel hall way.  

Sweet Lawd that was him.  He was the final chapter in my book of bad relationships.  The end of my bad beginnings. I learned a lot from him...I learned how a women should be treated, because the Lord only knows he never treated me like I wanted to be treated.  And I never demanded that he treat me any better.  I was kept in despair for years...but at my own miserable need to be there. 

So I found it totally odd to get a phone call from him the other night....I was sleep...it was late.  I laughed at the mere fact that I even received this phone call....I found it ironic that he called the same night that I deleted his pic from my Blackberry. I've always thought dude was clued into me somehow... But I could have sworn I had broken that connection. Clip! lol :-) 

In the end, I didn't feel anyway about his phone call. It's good to have moved on. 



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