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Life Partners & Patience

So I've been thinking about this topic a lot. What is a life partner to me? I say life partner instead of marriage because I think of that person as something beyond just being married to.  There are lots of people who are married and aren't satisfied, unhappy or they just married for all the wrong reasons. 

What is a life partner to me? Well since I've never been married, I can't say what the highs and lows are when it comes to dealing with one person on a daily basis for a long time. I have been in long term relationships but I'll challenge anyone who seems to think that is the same as being married. 

What keeps coming to mind is the man I am with - he and I are sitting on the porch...we are in our chairs relaxing...looking out to the sunset - enjoying the beauty of it all, but we aren't speaking to one another...we are enjoying the calm and the serenity of our lives, but yet we are having the most interesting conversation - conversation without words...how lovely that would be........he's the one that understands me...he's the one that thinks my flaws are perfections, he's the one that sees the beauty in my heart...he is my true unconditional loving friend.

He's the one I travel with - mentally, emotionally, financially, physically, sexually....he's the one when the chips are down and things aren't always flowing his way I'm there to support him and ease his mind about how we're going to make it through. When things aren't flowing my way...he's there to lift my spirits.  He's the one that although we don't see eye to eye we have a mutual respect to agree to disagree with love and compassion. He's the one that protects me, shields me, and guides me.  He's the one that makes me laugh. He's the one that takes my ideas seriously.  He sees the creativity in me. Most importantly he's my best friend. He's my lover. He's my protector.

And for me...I am his best friend.  I am his lover. I am his protector. I am his supporter. I am his caretaker.  I am his listener.

Together we are one another's mind, body and soul healers.

Do I ask too much?  There are days I ask myself...where is this man? When will I experience the joys have not having to live this life without a partner? Where have I gone wrong in my past relationships?  

I am finding out that human relations between myself and the opposite sex are not easy. At one point in time I thought it was easy. But I'm truly learning about the different facets of a male's human existence. I don't think I ever took the time to understand how it all works because I was too busy concentrating on the physical dynamic.  I just want it to be simplistic, but I'm finding out how complicated it can be for a man to determine who his life partner should be. 

Now I understand my lesson in all of this...it is to be patient. I have very little of it - patience. But I'm learning to take each day with greater understanding of it - patience.  All the attributes I listed above from him and me all have the underlining component of having it - patience.  I truly believe that once I have patience mastered all things will be revealed to me. 


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