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It's raining...

this morning...and it's that peaceful rain that keeps you asleep. That's what I'm about to do....go back to bed. The only reason I got up so early was because I had a stomach ache. But now I'm straight.

I love the month of September. I can't even believe it's already September. The summer went by so fast. I remember as a child the summer just seemed to last days on end. But not any more. I guess when you're an adult all time seems to fly, while you're a child time doesn't seem to fly fast enough. I thought I'd never get through childhood..it just went by so slow...now I look back and think to myself....what happened to my childhood? What happened during those teenage years. I wish I spent more time savoring those moments....

Hine sight is really 20/20...you can see it so much clearer than the day you lived it.