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A Good Saturday...

once again....and just like every Saturday...I wake up at the crack of dawn...while the kids are still sleep....I must say I'm fortunate because my kids will sleep to 10am if you let them....It's already 5 minutes to 9am...and they are still sleep!!!!! Amazing. Yes the both of my children manage to sleep...8 and 2.5 years old.

So...what's up with this credit card breach...I'll admit...I'm scared to check....what's up with all these banks experiencing breaches regarding identity theft and now over millions may be affect by this madness...... but I am going to check my account and I'm going to call my bank this morning.....to see if they use this company...CARDSYSTEMS....this whole thing has got me feeling anxious. I can't stand it!!!!!

And so...how many people are they going to arrest in Aruba to the connection of the missing Natalee Holloway. Her friends should really check themselves! What kinds of friends are those that they don't look out for one another!!!!! I just don't get it.