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Waking up with YOU on my MIND....is insane....

I mean it's really nice to love someone....it's really nice that I care, but I'm finding it totally insane for me to be waking up this time of morning, with thoughts of this person on my mind.

I mean he probably isn't even up...and I seriously doubt when he gets up...he'll have me on his mind....like I do him.

Why do women do this?

That's one of things I don't like....being emotionally tied to another person that isn't blood related to me. Some will say..."oh it's love," but to me....it's CRAZY.

Why can't I just be in love and give all my love and not feel insane because I'm thinking about him?

I don't want my mind to be attached to another person.....I just want to love freely and not feel so mentally attached......this shit is wack.