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American Idol - April 13th


Well, lets see...I had Nadia and Scott right.....so far he's been in the bottom three twice....but I didn't see Bo in the bottom three. He has a cool attitude about all of this....that's great....


I mean she kept singing these songs that really NO ONE cares for. But that's her fault...saying that she was staying true to herself....WHATEVER...it's a singing competition....she should have stayed true to trying to WIN....

I am still waiting for Anthony to get kicked out....DAYUM....I mean he really can't sing.

Next week it has got to be either Anthony or Scott....that has to go....

Round 7

Anthony - Out

Round 8

Scott - Out

Round 9

Vonzell - Out

Round 10

Anwar - Out

It's gonna between

Bo, Carrie, Constantine

So in the words of Ryan Seacrest....