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Oh Baby! The Pain! S2 Ep 4

In this episode I discuss chronic pain and my experience when I couldn't move! 

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Uh, Feeling Like a Failure! S2 Ep 3

Woke up this morning feeling bad about myself.  Feeling insignificant in a world of extroverts.

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Kim Kardashian's Beach Body 😳 | Superman vs all other Superheroes | Randomness 🎭 | S2 Ep 2

My daughters and I discuss Kim Kardashian and Superman vs other Superheroes in the Super Universe. 

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How Do You Know It's Time To Quit Your Job? Ep 6

Episode six covers quitting your job and why you might feel like you should. If you're tired of your job or lost your passion, maybe it's time for your to quit your job.