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I See You!

Now that summer is in full swing, I've been seeing so many RVs on the road.  I had never taken the time out to notice this until now.  

Every time, I see one, I ask, "Where ya going?  How long are ya going to be there? Can I come with you?" lol They of course can't hear me, but I do wonder if they could, what would I find out.  

Most of the RVs I've seen on the road the last few weeks have been Class As and Class Cs.  

My mom and my aunt are thinking of moving to the southwest.  RV living is big in that part of the country.  

I don't think there is much of life here in the DMV.  The weather is hard, the stress is through the roof and the traffic is horrendous.   It's time for something new.  I've been saying this and I'm going to keep on saying this until I can make that change into the new! 

See you on the road!