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Oops I forgot!!! I apologize!

So how about I forgot that I was supposed to be cleaning out my closet by May.  I said this in April.  I got caught up and didn't do it.  I wanted to do a YouTube video about it.  I still have it on my list of things to do.  I will get to it, I promise.  It's just that I've been caught up with writing, doing other YouTube videos and getting the podcast launched.  Not to mention, work duty calls every so often. lol 

The weather has changed here in the DMV and I've been seeing a lot of RVs on the road.  I always wonder where they are going.  And then I think about when will that be me.  I've seen some videos about how people quit there jobs and just go do there passion.  This scares me because they don't really say what they are doing for money.  How they are surviving...only that they aren't the rat race of working a job they don't care for any more. One day it will be my turn. I have to keep believing that one day I will get to say audios amigos! lol 

Okay so for now, I'm going to put the cleaning out the closet video on my list of things to do so I'll remember! 

Stay on the road!