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RV Life Escapes Me

I'm back to watching my RV Life vids on YouTube.  Every time I watch the vids I get anxious.  I'm ready to get out there, but I have obligations where I am.  I just can't drop and leave everything to go out on the road.  I have my children (20 & 15), my three fur babies (I can take them anywhere), my good paying job, my bowling community, and my family (mom & aunt).  

But the more and more I look at the vids, I know that's the life I want to live.  I just have to figure out a way to make it happen.  It will happen. 

RV Life, I love and miss you!


I Haven't Forgotten

I haven't forgotten about my RV Love.  I don't have that much to post about it because well... I don't have an RV. lol.  I don't have any adventures to tell about because well...I haven't gone on any RV adventures.  Because I don't have my RV yet.  I still look at RV Life vids on YT.  But not as often because it makes me long for a something I don't have... YET. 

I still think about you - RV LIFE!

One day, I will be there.


The Summer of RVs

The entire summer I saw so many RVs.  It was a great sight to see. Each time I saw an RV, I wondered where they were going? How long would they be staying and was RVing just a summer thing for them.

I've been busy with a lot of other goals as of late, but I haven't forgotten my dream of going out on the road with my RV.  I will admit, it's a scary thought, but I also find it thrilling and adventurous.

It's a long term goal. Let's see where it goes. 


I See You!

Now that summer is in full swing, I've been seeing so many RVs on the road.  I had never taken the time out to notice this until now.  

Every time, I see one, I ask, "Where ya going?  How long are ya going to be there? Can I come with you?" lol They of course can't hear me, but I do wonder if they could, what would I find out.  

Most of the RVs I've seen on the road the last few weeks have been Class As and Class Cs.  

My mom and my aunt are thinking of moving to the southwest.  RV living is big in that part of the country.  

I don't think there is much of life here in the DMV.  The weather is hard, the stress is through the roof and the traffic is horrendous.   It's time for something new.  I've been saying this and I'm going to keep on saying this until I can make that change into the new! 

See you on the road!


Plan of Action: All About The Beach!

I have three years before I can retire early, but I wouldn't have the early retirement age until five months later.  The mere thought of it seems so far away. But that time will go by faster than I know. 

The place I'm going to go is the BEACH! lol I'm going to hang out at the beach for WEEKS.  Different beaches in different states, but it has to be a beach! Exciting. 

Then I'm going to head to the southwest for a spell.  I'm not interested in headed to the northern part of the United States.  I just want to stay in the warmer weather. 

I also need to take the time to research any important landmarks I can visit.  

Stay on the road!



10 Benefits of Living An RV Life

1.  Home on wheels - take it where ever you go

2. Cheaper than a regular home mortgage

3. Living in a smaller space helps you to be exact in the things you need in life

4.  No Utility Bills

5.  Can live in any state; avoiding cold weather

6.  Promotes healthier eating

7.  Lower maintenance costs 

8.  Traveling full time.  Be at the beach for one week, the mountains the next

9.  Meet a lot of new people on your travels

10.  Promotes happiness lifestyle (relaxing, enjoying life) vs rat race (stress, bills and an effed up job)

Stay on the road!




Oops I forgot!!! I apologize!

So how about I forgot that I was supposed to be cleaning out my closet by May.  I said this in April.  I got caught up and didn't do it.  I wanted to do a YouTube video about it.  I still have it on my list of things to do.  I will get to it, I promise.  It's just that I've been caught up with writing, doing other YouTube videos and getting the podcast launched.  Not to mention, work duty calls every so often. lol 

The weather has changed here in the DMV and I've been seeing a lot of RVs on the road.  I always wonder where they are going.  And then I think about when will that be me.  I've seen some videos about how people quit there jobs and just go do there passion.  This scares me because they don't really say what they are doing for money.  How they are surviving...only that they aren't the rat race of working a job they don't care for any more. One day it will be my turn. I have to keep believing that one day I will get to say audios amigos! lol 

Okay so for now, I'm going to put the cleaning out the closet video on my list of things to do so I'll remember! 

Stay on the road!


Tackling One of My Closets

What the what?  What's going on with this closet?  We all have at least one closet that's out of order.  Here is one of mine in my bedroom.  Time to move this junk out of my closet and out of my life! 

File Apr 12, 9 15 58 AM.jpeg

I use this closet to store my coats, jackets and bags.  Lots and lots of bags. Tote bags, handbags, tiny handbags, backpacks etc.  

This is the next thing I'm going to tackle over the next couple of weeks.  I hope to have this closet cleaned out by May.  I plan to do a YouTube video showing how I cleaned this closet out.  I want to keep myself accountable by putting it out on YT. lol

Oh boy! Here we go!  On my way to RV LIFE!!!!